Alberton Christian Academy is a private church school operating on the Accelerated Christian Education system.

The school was established in 1987 and operates under the leadership of the Living Word Ministries Church. The school began with a complement of ten students and has a present capacity for two hundred and thirty students. Alberton Christian Academy operates as a Section 21 Company and is registered with the Department of Education.

Treasure Tots Nursery School and the after care facility directly across from the school, was established in 2003. A college facility and extended school grounds was developed in 2006/2007.

Alberton Christian Academy has become one of the largest ACE schools operating in South Africa and Africa.


The school operates on the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum which is established in over one hundred countries and has over 7000 schools world wide. There are at present close to 350 schools and 1000 home schools in South Africa.

The school is based on 5 basic laws of learning:

1. Students must be at individual levels where they can perform
2. Reasonable goals must be set.
3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
4. Learning must be measureable.
5. Learning must be rewarded.

We strive to bring education back to God, back to the Bible, back to basics, back to the individual.

D6 Communicator

Install the D6 Communicator to keep up with all the news and events happening at Alberton Christian Academy

  1.  Go to http://www.school-communicator.com/download.php
  2. Select Alberton Christian Academy under School Communicator for your school
  3. Select Windows or Mac (depending on the operating system)
  4.  The file will download to the computer
  5. Install the software.

We are one of the largest ACE schools operating in South Africa and Africa.

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