Alberton Christian Academy


Private Bible Based school

5 basic laws of learning:

Our school operates on the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum which is established in over one hundred countries and has over 7000 schools worldwide. There are at present close to 350 schools and 1000 home schools in South Africa.


Students are at individual levels where they can perform.


Reasonable goals are set.

Accountability & Motivation

Students are held accountable and motivated.


Learning is rewarded.


Learning is measureable.

Reaching the world for Christ, one child at a time.

Academics – The ACE Curriculum

A = Accelerated

The student operates on a complete self-instructional curriculum, for Grade 1 -Grade 9. Each core subject consists of 12 instructional modules (PACE’s) per grade level. The student works at their own level of performance for each subject.

C = Christian

The system integrates Biblical truths and Christian character values throughout the curriculum and in the daily operation of the school. The staff always try to lead the students to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and challenges each student’s Christian walk.

E = Education

Individualisation – The student’s needs are met at their personal level of ability. Every student is required to master the subject concepts in each PACE before proceeding to the next module, thus training students to acquire quality education.


Our school is a member of SACSSA (South African Christian Schools Sports Association).

In partnership with other Christian Schools the school competes in swimming, netball, soccer, volleyball, athletics, cross country and table tennis. Students can reach national levels and go on to compete at International Convention level.

Art and Culture

Extra Curricular

Students participate in choir, chess and the local Eisteddfod.

International Student Convention

The International Student Convention encourages students to build on their experiences at National School Conventions. Participants choose from over 150 performance and non-performance events to demonstrate their achievement in a wide range of categories from chess to Bible memory and from volleyball to art.

Art & Culture

We strive to bring education back to God, back to the Bible, back to basics, back to the individual.